Who am i ?

Linda Benallal has established the brand INNOCENT TOUCH in 2013 Paris , France .
During her career she has achieved worldwide success as a Fashion Designer, Expert Celebrity Appearance & Entrepreneur.

Linda Benallal


In addition to her career, Linda is widely recognized as a style icon and an accomplished fashion designer and Influencer. Linda introduced her first collection named Ghazali launched in 2013 and is a luxurious collection of clothing and accessories. Ghazali Collection is defined by Linda’s innate sense of style that often features glamour and more INNOCENCE.

In 2015, Linda launched Abaya collection for Abaya Lovers in Middle East, to enhance one’s wardrobe with the Creative Style Mix of Feminine and Classic Fashion Looks for the sophisticated women.
Linda has many years of experience in the fashion world and industry & Expert Celebrity Appearance , working with many clients from celebrities to beauty Pageants. She has the vision to support, promote and reinforce the fashion business by helping the forthcoming architects, craftsmen and business visionaries.


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